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Important Dates


League registration for the 2018 season is open. Teams with questions can contact the league for additional information. 


New Website will be open. League contract and coach admistration is open.

Players are able to be signed.

Try-Out postings available.


Final Call for Registration.  League Fees and Products increase 12-1-2017


League Team Meeting

League meeting for new and returning teams and information meeting for fast pitch softball 



Time: Softball Information meeting  5:00pm

          New Teams (baseball) 6:00pm

          Returning Teams: 7:00pm

Location: Cenetrville High School 

This an opportunity for coaches to meet the administration of the league and be informed on the upcoming season. 


Registration closes for for 2018 season for age group(s) 8,9,10,11,12,13 &14

All league fees and payments due. 

Age Groups 15 & 16-18 close April 1, 2018


Preliminary Age Group Assignments sent to coaches 


Last Day to Submit Petitions for Dvisional Assignments 


Appeals for Divisional Assignments (if any)


Final Divisional and Regional Splits Sent to Coaches.  


Coaches Contact Information and League Game Requirements sent to Coaches.  Scheduling is open. 


League Scheduling Meeting/Baseball Pick-Up

Location: Dayton Marriott

1414 S. Patterson Blvd

Dayton, Oh 45409


8 & 9U: 6-6:45pm

10&11U: 7-7:45pm 

12,12 & 14U: 8-8:45

Coaches need come prepared with field availbility and dates able to paly wth rain dates factored. 


League Requirements Due 


Opening Day

Past Dates

7/11/2017 - 7/13/2017

End of Season Tournament

13 & 14 U


End of Season

13 & 14 U

7/3/2017 - 7/8/2017

Mandatory Make-up week for age groups 13 & 14. Teams are not to schedule any games during this time frame. Any regular league games not made up prior to end of season may result in league dictating make up date/locations.  So, please get games rescheduled and completed.


End of Sesaon Tournamentt

11 &12 U


Dayton Dragons Night / Awards

8, 9 & 10 U age groups


Mandatory Make-up week for 11 & 12U age groups.  Teams are not to schedule any games during this time frame. Any regular league games not made up prior to the end of season league will dictate date of make up during this time. 


11 & 12U End of Season Extended


End of Season for 8,9 & 10 U age groups.


8,9, & 10 U End of Season


League Requirements Due


Opening Day


League Scheduling Meeting/Baseball Pick-up

Location: Dayton Marriott

1414 S Patterson Blvd

Dayton, OH  45409


8 & 9U: 6-6:45pm

10 & 11U: 7-7:45pm

12,13 & 14U 8-8:45pm


Late/Final Registration and league fees due

15 % increase in league fees due to late registration


Final Age Group and Regional Splits now Available 


Last Day To Submit Petitions for Divisional Assignments 


Registration is now open for 2017 season.  


 End of Season 8,9 & 10


Last day to submit petitions for divisional assignments.

2/10 - 2/12

Appeals for divisional assignments (if any).


Opening Day


League requirements due.


Mandatory League Make-Up for 8,9,&10


Late/Final registration and payments due.

End of Season 13 &14

7/5 - 7/9

Mandatory Make - up week 13 & 14


Dayton Dragons Night Awards night for 8, 9 & 10

6/20 - 6/24

Mandatory Make-up week for 11 & 12


End of Season 11 & 12


Preliminary Age Group Assignments sent to coaches


Preliminary Divisional / Regional Assignments


Registration is now closed for the 2017 season for age group(s) 8,9,10,11,12,13 & 14

15 & 16-18 are able to register by contacting the league.  

Midwest Ohio Youth Sports Leagues ...."A Better Way to Play"

League News

2018 Team Registration now OPEN

Click HERE to register for the MOSL 2018 season. 


Midwest Ohio Softball League

 While we are still working out many of the details, this page will be used to keep the softball community updated on the progress we are making with our softball leagues.

If you would like to be included in the email distribution list for future updates, please contact Wade Westfall at wade8276@yahoo.com.



Beginning with the spring 2018 season, our goal is to offer three divisions, or competitive levels, of softball.

From a competitive perspective, we realize that in order to promote softball in the area, it is important to offer several different competitive levels of softball. We envision the following:

  • Division I: High level competitive softball. Typically for teams that practice/play 8-12 months per year. This league would be used by these teams to augment their tournament intensive schedule.
  • Division II: We believe this level of softball is much needed, but not currently being offered. This would be for the player that wants something more competitive than is currently being offered in recreational leagues, but is not looking for the time and/or travel commitments of a year round team playing only tournaments. This division would include teams ranging from Rec All-Star teams to existing select/tournament teams that have found themselves not able to be competitive at that level.
  • Division III: Recreational league caliber. For communities that do not have the number of players necessary to sustain independent softball leagues, this division could consist of players would still sign up through their local rec leagues, but this "umbrella league" would provide geographically proximate leagues to have a larger pool of teams to play against. Additionally, it could be used by players/coaches that are not satisfied with the offerings of their local recreation leagues, however are unable to field teams able to compete at either of the divisions above.



We are still finalizing the rules, but believe we will be using the following:

  • Division I: ASA
  • Division II: ASA
  • Division III: A modified, rec-oriented (or "watered down"), version of ASA's rules.

Getting Involved


We need your participation. If you serve in either of these capacities, please contact Wade Westfall at wade8276@yahoo.com:

  • Organizations - if you currently manage or serve on the board of organizations (both select and community rec leagues), we want your input to ensure that as we create the league that does not conflict with the goals of your organizations.
  • Individuals that are currently involved with a team, or interested in starting a team, that might have an interest in playing in our league.

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